Elk Grove Affordable DUI Attorney

Elk Grove Affordable DUI Attorney

Elk Grove Affordable DUI Attorney Steve Whitworth makes himself available to help those who have been charged with driving under the influence. While some Sacramento County Criminal Defense Attorneys farm our their cases, Mr. Whitworth does not. This means if you decide to retain our law firm Steve will handle your case directly.

Getting a DUI isn’t usually the end of the world. We know that even good people make poor choices sometimes. If you’re facing a first time DUI or a simple DUI we offer payment plans and we try to be the most affordable DUI defense attorney in Sacramento County. For those of you facing more serious DUI charges, you’ve come to the right website. Mr. Whitworth is licensed in State and Federal Courts. Our Elk Grove Criminal Defense Attorneys know how to handle major Felonies.

Affordable DUI Attorneys In Elk Grove And Sacramento County 

If you were charged with driving under the influence over the weekend, we can Help. According to NOLO, a leading legal information website, a DUI in Sacramento County can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We know that after an arrest you may want to hire a criminal defense lawyer. However, sometimes financial restraints prevent people from defending themselves. If you would like to talk with affordable DUI attorneys in Elk Grove and Sacramento County Click Here. We offer a free DUI consultation.

A criminal conviction can cause all sorts of issues outside of the courtroom. From your reputation to your family life, no one wants to have a felony or a conviction on their record. Fighting for your driving privileges isn’t the only thing an Elk Grove DUI Attorney can offer you. Read below where we identify other potential benefits to hiring an Affordable Elk rove DUI Lawyer.

Defending My Reputation After A DUI

If you are a working professional, or if you want to protect your reputation after a DUI, we can help. First and foremost, if you are a medical professional, financially licensed professional, teacher, or an attorney yourself than you definitely need to consider hiring a lawyer. A DUI conviction could cause you to lose your professional license. We can help you, but you need to move quickly.

In addition to those are holding Professional licenses, a DUI charge can wreck havoc on your personal life. However, there are things we can do to get out in front of a criminal acquisition. The quicker you call us the faster we can work toward protecting your good name.

DUI DMV Hearing 

It may be possible for our Elk Grove DUI Attorneys to request a DUI DMV Hearing. Essentially, we can go to the courts and ask about a provisional drivers license or to keep your licenses active while we await the courts decision on the charge.

Please be advised, there is a VERY short window of time that we can request a DMV hearing, so if you want to go this route, call us NOW. Our Sacramento County Criminal Defense Law Firm offers a free consultation. Click Here to schedule a consult with Mr. Whitworth right now.

Protecting A California Commercial Drivers License After A DUI Charge 

If you are a Commercial Driver, such an 18-Wheeler, FedEx, or UPS delivery driver call us now. Commercial Truck Drivers and those who hold commercial drivers licenses in California are held to the strictest of standards. There is a “no tolerance” policy for commercial drivers. However, we can help you defend your position. Call us if you’ve been charged with a DUI right away.

Elk Grove Affordable DUI Attorney Open 24 Hours 

If you need to speak with an Elk Grove Affordable DUI Attorney open 24 Hours click here. Steve Whitworth is an award-winning Elk Grove Criminal Defense Attorney. With a perfect 10 Out Of 10 AVVO rating as an Elk Grove DUI Lawyer it’s no wonder why so many clients have chosen our law firm.

We know that DUI’s happen. More importantly, if you found yourself walking out of County Jail this last weekend after being charged with driving under the influence, we can help. Call 916-659-5233 now.

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