Violent Crime Attorneys In Sacramento County

Violent Crime Attorneys In Sacramento County

According to KCRA NBC Channel 3 News Sacramento Police located the body of a homicide victim inside of a crashed vehicle on Sunday. Law enforcement throughout Sacramento is on high alert.  After being charged with a violent crime you may be worried about your legal options. If you’re searching for violent crime attorneys in Sacramento County you’ve come to the right place.

Police and local authorities want to keep our streets safe. Violent crime like Assault With A Deadly WeaponDomestic Violence, and Gun Charges are taken seriously. With the recent rise in violent crimes and murders Sacramento County law enforcement is kicking into high gear. If you’ve been accused of a violent crime we can help.

3 Reasons To Hire A Sacramento Violent Crimes Attorney

There’s a plethora of potential benefits to hiring a Defense Lawyer after a charge or accusation. While defending your freedom seems like the most obvious reason it’s not the only one we feel you should consider. In fact, we believe there are really 3 reasons to hire a Sacramento Violent Crimes Attorney. If you’re facing criminal charges such as domestic violence, rape, or murder you have legal options. Just because you’re been accused of a crime doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. You have every right to defend yourself, your name, and your reputation. Keep reading to learn more about why you may want to hire us to represent you.

Defending Your Reputation After A Criminal Accusation 

Like we mentioned above, it would be asinine to not worry about your freedom first and foremost. However, it’s not the only reason why you may want to hire a defense attorney. Most people work hard their whole lives to build and maintain a positive image. If you’re a working professional such as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or financial banker than you know how important your reputation is. Defending your Reputation after a criminal accusation may help you keep your job and professional licenses.

If you get out in front of the charges and defend yourself it may help with how coworkers, superiors, and even your family and friends look at you. Not only do we defend the accused in criminal courts, but we are also an award winning Professional License Defense Law Firm. Call us at (916-659-5233 to learn more.

Giving You Time To Spend With Your Family 

After a criminal accusation you are not the only one stressing out. If you have a family or young children then too may be suffering from anxiety. Violent crimes such as rape and sexual offenses can carry long prison sentences. In addition, violent crimes are looked down upon by society. This means your family may be ridiculed by friends and the local community. Hiring a Violent Crimes Attorney in Sacramento County allows a lawyer to handle your case for you. Giving you time to spend with your family during this difficult time in your life.

We believe that hiring a Violent Crimes Attorney in Sacramento County shows your family and friends that you’re taking this seriously. It can show the community that you’re prepared to fight for your freedom and your Good Name.

Having An Attorney Solely Focused On Your Case And Defending Your Freedom

In the State of California if you cannot afford an attorney the State will hire one for you. While there’s nothing “wrong” with using a Public Defender it’s not what we recommend. In fact, if you do your own research online you will find lots of articles comparing the benefits of hiring your own lawyer after a criminal charge. Out of the 3 reasons to hire a Sacramento County Violent Crimes Attorney we believe this is number one.

Public Defenders are lawyers. However, they are paid for by the State. Remember, the State is who is prosecuting you and wants to put you in jail. If you think this sounds like a conflict of interest we understand. More importantly, Public Defenders are often young attorneys who are just starting out. They also tend to have lots of cases all at the same time.

Steve Whitworth only takes on a select number of cases. This way he can dedicate time to defending your freedom. More important, Mr. Whitworh is a decorated defense lawyer.

Best Violent Crime Attorneys In Sacrament County 

There’s no such thing as the best violent crime Attorneys in Sacramento County. The truth is that no lawyer is the best. What is important is to hire an attorney you trust and get along with. Remember, you’re not hiring an attorney because you want to sue someone or you have a dispute over a business dealing. You’re fighting for your freedom and in some cases, your life.

So, what can you do to find out which defense attorney you should hire? Well for starters you can schedule a consultation. Steve Whitworth is a top-rated Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Whitworth holds a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating. In addition, he has been recognized as a top 3 Defense Lawyer. If you would like to discuss a criminal case with Steve call us at 916-659-5233 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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